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News - July 13, 2020

Removing Forums

[vc_row enable_box_shadow=”no”][vc_column][vc_column_text]Our Forums on have gone unused for over a year; so we have made the decision to completely remove the forums from our website.

It is sad to let it go after such a long time and the hard work that was put into creating this ability for members to communicate with each other easily. Third-Party software has taken over the need for forums in this new-age though. We currently use Discord to communicate with all of our members, so we will stick with that until they shut down…

Forums have always been a dominate part of the internet, as communication history can easily be found on forums and other members can utilize tools to easily search problems, issues, or questions they have without the need to wait for a answer that was most likely already posted.

The younger generation does not understand this unfortunately and have not utilized the forums for over a year, so we will be shutting them down. The code will be kept archived in the case that third-party software is no longer used or members decide they want to start utilizing forums. It is just too much work and effort to keep the code updated and protect the code from potential hackers. As no current members have used the forums in a long time, we find the updates to be a waste of time and effort.



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