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    Team Effort
    Everything we do in an SSC Clan is a Team Effort. The Clan is based on the Rank Structure, and Team Work. We pull the rope together and we succeed or fail together, but we always do it as a group. No one person is bigger than the whole, no one loss is more important than all the fun we have together. Here are just a few things we have to do to be the best Community we can be;

    * Recruit, building our community is everyone’s responsibility no one person can do this alone, make sure you are bringing in good people and you will be helping us pull the rope.

    * Practices, training together learning the Tactics, and learning from each other will prepare us for Victory and help us learn from losses.

    * Clan Compete / Game Battles, as a team, we will put forth our best effort together, and win or lose we always say Good Game

    * Training Recruits to be good members, it takes a whole Clan to be open to new members, invite these new guys/gals to games and be good examples to them all, show them the ropes and work with them, as we grow it’s more important that we grow together and not into little clicks.

    * Meetings, if you don’t tell us what you want out of our Community then we can’t make it even better, if you have Ideas bring them up at the meetings, if you have an issue we can make it better, Team Effort is what it is all about.






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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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